Friday, April 24, 2015

Alex Tavoularis artwork

I've been debating about what to do with the scan. By this, should I put a huge watermark across it for the blog, or just let it go, as is? If I put a huge watermark across it, number one, I personally don't like looking at things with huge watermarks across it. It's ugly. Two, what's the point? Anyone who is halfway decent at photoshop can remove the watermark. Think there's even special software which allows you to remove watermarks. So what would be the point of watermarking? A dedicated pirate undoubtedly has more skills than me and can undo the watermark which took me a couple of seconds to put on in about the same time.

People put watermarks because they don't want to see their work published all over the internet. That's true of the ALIEN contact sheets. I don't want to see the individual frames of the contact sheet blown up and all over the net. Why? Because they haven't been published. If 20th Century Fox had published them, it would be a different story. You are looking at something which has already been published, so the quality of my upload is irrelevant. The material is out there. But... what I've finally realized... the best way to stop folks form publishing it is to upload it in low resolution.

I don't know if there is a point in uploading the Tavoularis in lo res. Rinzler published the boards in his book. They weren't the greatest quality because the work Rinzler had was originally skewed photographs. I know, because that's the only time I copied them...

Alex Tavoularis original Wookie concept, 1975, pencil on vellum

Alex Tavoularis original boards, 1975, pencil on vellum

Alex Tavoularis original board, 1975, pencil on vellum -- read what it says under Luke

Alex Tavoularis original board, 1975, pencil on vellum. These last four make up a scene.

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