Thursday, April 2, 2015


After Howard Chaykin, Roy Thomas and I did our presentation at 1976 San Diego Comic Con, we met with George to discuss the 6 issue MARVEL STAR WARS COMICS. George was in the midst of editing and had taken time off to meet with Howard and Roy. Though George sometime has a hard time with names, he knows comic art, and has people around him who also know comics -- his partner in Supersnipe gallery, Ed Summer, and Gary Kurtz, who was also a collector. Additionally, George's close friend, Steven Spielberg, loved comics.

Now a few points to remember about this meeting --

1. I was the one who pushed for Howard Chaykin. I thought Howard's Cody Starbucks was a perfect fit for STAR WARS. George agreed. Cody was a perfect complement for Ralph McQuarrie.

2. Howard and Roy agreed to work on the Star Wars comics in Feb. 76, and have just done the first ever comic book related movie presentation at Comic Con. Following that presentation, they are meeting with us July 27, 76 to discuss the first Feb. 77 issue

3. The meeting is about tying up logistics so that Roy and Howard can do their comic book. I arrange to get Howard the B&W and Color photos he needs to start his drawing.

4. It is July, and Howard is working on the Solomon Kane pages for Marvel's Dec. 76 Release Date of The Mark of Kane. It takes about 5-6 months to get a comic book thorugh the printing process and ready for shipping.

5. Roy has shipped pages to Howard and they are both eager to begin work on STAR WARS COMICS.

6. One of Howard's goals has been to do a book with Chip (Stanley) Delaney for many years.

7. Unknown to us is Marvel is in deep financial trouble. Their comic books aren't selling and they're at risk for sharing the same fate as Atlas/Seaboard Comics. They could go under.

The next part of MARVEL STAR WARS COMICS will consist of an email interview I did with Steve Leialoha

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