Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ILM Reports

I have a stack of ILM reports which were in the sleeve of one of the binders. The binders were supposed to be red and green, but mine were red and yellow.

I sort of assume these ILM reports have been around and seen by folks.

The collection of reports covers Nov. 76 - Apr. 77... And remember -- Apr. 77 is just a short beat away from the film's final release in May, 77.

As I post these pages, you'll see how thorough George and ILM was about every little detail. Reading them, you'll have to ask yourself whether all these stories folks put forth about meeting with George during this period could have happened, or if they are imaginary fantasies.

From the call sheets and production report, you should have realized STAR WARS was not an easy shoot.

From the ILM reports, you'll see how detailed and how technically innovative STAR WARS was.


 ILM 11/10-11/17, 1976


ILM 11/10/76 



ILM 11/11/76

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  1. Charles: I'm presently at work on a biography of George Lucas (with a pub date of autumn 2016), and I think your work in marketing and merchandising Star Wars is of special interest (and critical importance) to the story. While you've already got so much great stuff here for deep background (as a comic book nerd, I find the discussion of the Marvel deal especially fascinating), I'm wondering if you might perhaps give me the benefit of having a longer conversation with you about those days?

    If so, you can reach me through my website (http://brianjayjones.com/contact/) or simply at brian (at) brianjayjones (dot) com. I do, of course, appreciate the time and consideration.