Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Star Wars appearances

When STAR WARS was released, I expected it to do well, but did not expect the staggering, overwhelming response. No one did. In our wildest dreams, we could not have predicted how massive a hit we had on our hands.

The week the film opened, we were swamped with phone calls. Everybody wanted a piece of us. We were a very small office, and could barely keep up with things we had planned, much less this onslaught.

We had agreed to do certain appearances and promotions, but after the film opened, George felt that we had to be careful to preserve our image. For that reason, we had some appearances scheduled which were cancelled. We paid a cancellation fee rather than, as George said, cheapen our characters.

There were allegedly appearances made by STAR WARS characters, but I can tell you right now, most of them weren't authorized. Folks sprang up out of the woodwork claiming to be representative and making appearances. We tried stopping them, but undoubtedly, only caught a fraction of the guys out there posing as STAR WARS.

This is a stat of one of the few authorized Vader appearances which was done for Factors Inc, to promote the T-shirt sales.

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