Sunday, November 8, 2015

These were the Jim Rumph samples for the Mind Circus license which I put on ebay many, many years ago. They were sold to Gus Lopez. After they sold, I got a lot of emails from folks who had a Rumph Obi or Chewie they were trying to sell. Hard to explain to someone who found it at a thrift shop or garage sale that what the sale price was really for was not the mug, but that ratty, mouse eaten tag - signed by Jim -- saying it was a sample.

The absolute reason I hate shipping. When we moved out of LA, we hired a crew to wrap things and pack 'em up for transporting across country. Goods were individually wrapped in newspaper, then popcorned. Despite this, there were tons of items jostling around in a truck, and things got broken. Chewie's health suffered. Though folks were buying it for the label, generally speaking, broken pottery doesn't have the same value as a mint piece. Current museum archiving attitude is when you restore broken pottery, you use materials to indicate where the cracks and restoration occurred.

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