Saturday, November 7, 2015

Contests for kids

I'm working on a couple of articles which have to do with the release of STAR WARS. Even after the film opened, we knew it was important to keep the fans engaged. One thing we did to keep the fans engaged was we had contest for kids. I'm going to re-upload some items I have on a few contests. This was Centuri. I'm looking at the jpg, but recall the item was faxed to the office. It's on that old thermal paper which did not age well.

Contest in "Eye" (Weekly Reader Magazine) Here's the wikipedia link for the history of the children magazine.

Wonder what happened to these kids.

In London, Dec 77, some lucky kid won a C-3PO mask. 'Course, the truth is those C-3PO Don Post masks were so small they were basically for kids.

A London drawing contest for kids.

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