Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Here's another weird thing which was in storage. After STAR WARS was released, we were besieged with folks who wanted to license STAR WARS product. This was a very ugly T-shirt someone sent as a prototype of what they would like to do. Of course, we had already licensed T-shirts to Factors, Inc., so this was turned down. The 2nd part of this story is this was an item we listed on ebay. Well, I guess collectors liked the idea of having a T-shirt sample from 1977, even though the shirt was very ugly and really bore no resemblance to the franchise's design.It wasn't pirated. It was sent in hopes they'd be able to license the STAR WARS name. I've included my hands in one shot to prove I have hairy knuckles and am not the type who gets their nails manicured.

Boy, all I have to do is post vintage product and the likes start popping... Here's one nobody really likes - the official Bradley watches with the hand of my lovely wife, Bumpy... She's the one who keeps me going. Guys, be nice to your wife (or whatever sweet thing you have by your side) because by the time you get to my age, you're really going to need them.

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