Sunday, November 8, 2015

To protect his license, Harry (Factors Inc) was always on the lookout for pirated STAR WARS goods. Harry, more than anyone else, would spend his time scouting for goods which were illegal. When he found stuff, he'd call me up with the hope I'd run out and slap a Cease & Desist on 'em. Nope. 'Stead of doing what Harry wanted, I'd make a note of it in a little notebook I carried around all the time, and when I had the time, I'd check out the pirated goods usually by going down the list. Suppose this is like Kenner collectors who are always on the lookout checking out what other people are paying for goods. You want to maintain your turf so you can protect your interest. As is the case with Harry, back in 1977, dealing with people protecting their interest can get a little tiring.

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