Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Star Wars posters

Fox sent me two copies of each of STAR WARS international posters they released. These were from the original release run. The larger ones, like this poster here, were sent folded. When we first started inventorying them, we had no idea how to shoot posters, action figures or anything else. You have to figure, we weren't collectors or anything. I just had these because I happened to have worked on the film.

I was going to say if I had worked on something else they would have sent that, but that's not really true. I don't have posters or the ad campaigns from Westward.

Johnny Friedkin, the VP of Fox's Advertising, Marketing and Promotion, made sure I got these cause he took a liking to me. Sometime after I had finished ALIEN, when Johnny and I were alone, he turned to me and said when he first hired me, he wasn't sure I'd work out, so he had secretly set up some tests for me. I looked at him and asked him what these tests were. He winked, and said, "You'll never know." And he's right, because to this day, I don't know what tests he put me through. But when I kept asking him, he said, "Don't worry. You passed with flying colors." and winked.

Legend has it that Johnny was good friend with Neil Simon, and Neil based his character OSCAR from the Odd couple on him. I found this odd, because Johnny, like Stanley Bilecki, was always impeccably dressed and Neil's OSCAR was kind of frumpy.

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