Sunday, December 20, 2015

"10 Unsung Heroes Who Saved Star Wars"

Wow, looking for Laddie quotes, stumbled across this. I'm flattered. The Deja Reviewer piece was written June 11, 2013, so it's particularly awesome I get a mention, and it's a nice mention.

I've been working on a list of people I think who were important to the Making of STAR WARS. I wouldn't have added Willard and Gloria because George not only gave them profit sharing, he also produced Howard the Duck for them, which is a really nice way of expressing your appreciation.

Marc Pevers, of course, would be on my list. Marc and I did the merchandising together. He represented Fox, who had the legal right to licensing STAR WARS, and I represented STAR WARS CORPORATION, which later became LUCASFILM.

I'd have added Peter Beale, who was Fox's man in Europe. He not only oversaw production, he also managed the marketing, promotion and licensing. Every fan owes him a debt because he was the on location liaison between SW and 20th Century Fox.

George's attorney, Tom Pollock, would also be on the list. Directors and actors get all the glory in Hollywood, but the real movers and shakers are lawyers and agents.

Jim Nelson would be on my list also. Jim was the mean, bad daddy who had to keep a group of unruly boys in line. There were such divergent personalities involved with ILM and the start of the effects industry as we know it today. Really, to try and manage this diverse group of egos and personalities was a really difficult job.

I'm going to limit this list to 10 or 12 people. I plan on doing up a little card set, like the TOPPS cards, which will be part of a kickstarter to get the CHARLITO PROGRAM off the ground. The kickstarter will fund the digitizing of the archive, including the recent audio tapes I shared.

Read here: 10 Unsung Heroes Who Saved Star Wars

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