Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Charlito Program AKA Bumpy's Charley Program FKA the Brownie Points system

The director we originally hired to do the STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL was David Acomba, whom George and I I knew from USC. At one point, David lived next door to me. He lived in the same building as Taylor Hackford. I don't stay in touch with people I knew, but recently Taylor contacted me about some jazz albums. It was nice talking to him. For those of you who don't know who he is, Taylor did THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE (1997), RAY (2004) and PARKER (2013). When I knew him, he was married to Lynne Littman , who directed that great anti-war indie, TESTAMENT. He was in the gossip rags recently because he and his current wife, Dame Helen Mirren, are publicly affectionate so the tongues wag.

Didn't want to get into a bit of namedropping there, but sometimes it's inevitable as I don't know how many of you know who these folks are.

Anyway, Taylor had a nickname for me which he still uses -- Charlito. He's the only one who has ever called me that.

I always liked the ring of it -- Charlito... much cooler than Charley... Sure, there are some, like Dino, who called me Chaaaly, but Charlito is cooler. So Bumpy started calling the Brownie Points system the Charley Program. After talking to Taylor, I told her instead of calling it the Charley program, we should call it the Charlito Program.

I've been recently very liberally giving out Brownie Points. There's been a reason for this. Christopher Shy did this wonderful mashup for me. I'm planning on printing them up and sending them out to everyone who has gotten a Brownie Point. It's not the Brownie Point Award. It's just a thank you card from me for your contributions.

Bumpy realized the mailing would end up being a pretty penny. Plus, we probably need to help funding getting the tapes digitized. So we're going to do a gofundme. That is basically Bumpy's Charley Program, which I am renaming into the cooler sounding Charlito Program. It'll be a gofundme kitty. First thing out the door is Christopher Shy's wonderful mashup.

I had originally planned on getting this done bout now, but I seem to be a very slow senior citizen :) so we're talking more like next month.

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