Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Flash Gordon Storyboards, Artist Unknown - Mentor Huebner or Bill Stallion?

Dino gave these to me, saying they were by Mentor Huebner. With the exception of the double sepia faxes, these are the final, original drawings which would have been used by everyone, from the art department to production office. This is the sequence thus far uploaded. Dan Short brought up a question of whether they were Mentor's or not. What do you think? Are they Mentor's? ... Not that it matters because I think this is a great sequence, but I'd hate to have presented these as Mentor's if they are not. Think by looking at this body of work you can tell me whether you see the same hand at work, and if its Mentor's, or some other artist's work.

John Scoleri adds: "Glen Mullaly (via Graham Hill and IMDB) identified Bill Stallion as the possible culprit, and after comparing to some of his work, it seems pretty conclusive to me."

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