Saturday, May 2, 2015

Various Star Wars toys

Radio controlled R2-D2

This is the Japanese Coke R2-D2 from Ed Squair . When Mark Hamill and I did a world wide promotional tour, the Japanese gave me some art for this piece. Steve York remembered my post and shared Ed's photo it it.

I've always thought this was kind of a PIA. It's so big it takes up a lot of room.

Kenner continued to send me toys for a while, then booted me off the list.

Another one of these big, awkward toys. This one, the acid from the cardboard discolored it, so leaving things in storage for years on end is not always a good policy.

 Assorted stuff from Kenner, MPC, etc

All of these don't come close to the popularity of the Kenner action figures


  1. Fun to see. Are these still a part of your collection today?

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