Monday, May 4, 2015

May The Fourth Be With You

Given today is May the Fourth be with you, I'm going to upload Star Wars documents I have previously uploaded. This is a report from Brian Doyle, SW Unit Publicist, reporting on -- among other things -- Lucas' meeting with Kingsley Amis, and Amis response to writing up Star Wars.

Minimum guarantee of Star Wars Box Offices Report tally sent to Ashley Book, 20th Century Fox, on March 23, 77, two months before film opened.

Star Wars international distribution schedule made July 29, 77, two months after Star Wars opened in US. This schedule lays out when the film will open in various international territories so that everything connected to the release is coordinated, including subtitling or dubbing of prints, getting ad campaign out, and merchandise.

Two days before STAR WARS international distribution schedule was made up, this is a fax sent by Peter Beale, who was Fox's man stationed in London. Peter was head of 20th Century Fox's UK operations. Think he was Head of Productions. He coordinated the EU end of things. Here, he talks about going to a marketing conference to license merchandise in EU.

On Aug 10, 77 this correspondence took place between Marc Pevers, 20th Century Fox LA, and Peter Beale, 20th Century Fox EU, about the licensing of Star Wars in the EU. As you can see from reading the telex, our strongest relationship was with Kenner, and looking for European affiliates, we were letting Kenner take the lead... And fanboys and girls, I'm hoping the contact names and their phone numbers are so old they're obsolete, but you know --- DON'T! Don't be tempted to try these numbers. Really, restrain yourself. It does no good calling folks who've been involved with your favorite franchise except make fandom look bad.

On Aug 11, 1977, the Star Wars merchandising discussion between Marc Pevers and Peter Beale was updated with the following information about specific STAR WARS merchandising rights and how they would be handled.