Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Star Wars opening New York

From Hector Cruz two rare photos of the NYC openings... Two photos, two Brownie points for Hector. Now you may wonder why I'm trying to find photos of the theaters during Star Wars release across the country. Well, here's why --

Gary Kurtz and I were in NY for the opening at Loews. I remember us using a certain poster for the release of the film, and always sorta assumed that's what happened. So one day Pete Vilmur and I were having an email conversation about some posters. And Pete tells me my memory is wrong... You know how guys are... I coulda sworn we used a certain poster, but Pete Vilmur says otherwise. The only way to prove it is to find photos of the theater displays for the opening of Star Wars... I'm sure this is something you die-hard fans can appreciate. Squabbling over what poster was used on opening day... I mean really, here I am at 75, arguing with someone about which poster was used... Goes to show you, we boys never grow up, we just get older.

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