Thursday, March 12, 2015


Greg Koudoulian messaged me about an interview SHEL DORF did with HARRISON FORD before the film opened that he found in Shel's archives and is cleaning up as an mp3. The interview was done before STAR WARS opened. Greg says Harrison is stoned out of his mind and I'm laughing in the background. This reminded me of the first radio interview which HARRISON and MARK HAMILL did at KPFK. This was an interview I set up for the boys long before STAR WARS was released. Think it was even before they went to the UK to start shooting. 
OK, so at KPFK, we had the Mike Hodel show on Friday night which ran from 10pm to midnight. It was a science fiction radio show also called the HOUR 25 SHOW. I had gotten an interview set up between Hodel and Mark and Harrison. This was kinda a first-look interview for a science fiction film which was going to be made, STAR WARS.
Before the interview, I met up with the boys and took them out to eat -- think it was an Italian place nearby. I wasn't paying too much attention to how much they were drinking because we just eating and drinking and having a good time. After dinner, we went to KPFK. I had to negotiate with the show's staff so I wasn't monitoring them because we were all adults, right? I knew Harrison was always prepared to toke up, but didn't think much of it. 
Anyway, so the boys move into the booth and the interview starts. As the interview gets going, I realize both the boys are drunk and stoned. Well, it's KPFK... not national... 
So about half hour into the interview, a call comes in for Harrison. It turns out it's Harrison's father. Yes, it's dear old Dad. Dad used to work in radio. Dad proceeds to berate Harrison for being drunk during the interview. This is on air, Dad lays into sonny for his bad behavior. 
As soon as the show was over -- I used to have a show at KPFK, so I knew how things were done at KPFK -- as soon as the broadcast was over, I run back into the recording booth and find the reel which had just been taken off the tape recorder by the sound engineer. I STEAL the reel which was used to record the show. 
Couple of days later, I get a call from KPFK. Um, do you know what happened to the reel from the Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill interview? We want to play it again? Hmmm, no, I say, all innocent. Isn't it in the tape vault? No, they say, we can't find it, and we wanted to play it again. No, I say, Sorry. I have no idea where it is.
So there it is. The true story of Mark and Harrison's first interview on STAR WARS. And thus, I am forced to write THE TRUE AND UNADULTERATED STORY OF HOW I BECAME A THIEF FOR STAR WARS. 
Now people will never trust me. frown emoticon

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