Sunday, March 15, 2015

Star Wars Fan Club membership packet

This must be one of the first pieces of SW memorabilia you guys got. This is the envelope with the offer for the Star Wars Fan Club. When it comes to the SW Official Fan Club, Craig Miller is the man.

This ad was a bookmark size which was printed on a light card stock, but also run in magazines. It has that same theme - An Exciting Offer for Earthlings!

When you signed up, you got this envelope of swag. If you look at the logo decal, the print quality is really different and at the bottom is indicated it's from the fan club.

In the Fan Club kit you also got an iron on decal with instructions.

In the official Star Wars Fan Club membership packet, you got a wallet size photo of Luke Skywalker and an 8x10 printed photo of the cast. This cast photo got a lot of mileage as you'll see when I upload other press clippings from places like Norway.

And last, but not least -- the badge. Probably my favorite of all these items. Quality's not the greatest -- but hey, I like badges. When we traveled, Bumpy got into collecting badges from different country to put on something. She never found something, but it's nice. Kinda like those seniors who RV around with decals on the back of their campers showing all the places they've been.

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