Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fox Exhbitors Convention

This is probably one of the rarest photos of me. It's from the Fox Exhbitors Convention in January, 1976. This is where I first did the "26 for 76" Star Wars slide show. I was hustling the Fox theater owners while George and Gary were off making the film... and remember, unlike other films with stars that could bring in a guaranteed box office like Anne Bancroft, George Peppard, Mel Brooks or Jane Fonda, all we had was George. George was the director of a very successful AMERICAN GRAFFITI but George was not a Jason Robards or Vanessa Redgrave. Let's face it -- R2D2 and C3PO had more sex appeal at a premiere than shy, taciturn George. So don't even go to the "poor rejected Star Wars didn't even get a premiere" place. If we tried for a big Hollywood premiere, we would've fallen flat on our face.

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