Thursday, March 26, 2015


It sure is taking a long time to get this MARVEL STAR WARS PT 2 article written. The problem with writing up this section is there has been a lot of stuff written up on the Marvel Star Wars Comics. Both Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin have done interviews on their work, as well as Stan Lee and others have talked about it. With all this information out there on the Marvel Star Wars Comics, most fans have an established perspective on the Marvel Star Wars comics history.
I had it in my head what I was going to say, and after starting my first draft, started contacting some of the people involved because what I had to say didn't always jive with the established history presented up to now. To solidify my position, I emailed Roy Thomas and Steve Leialoha for more information. W.R. Miller has also been helpful, providing me with numbers and both shipping and release dates. As I started putting this information all together, the article has become a little more complicated than I originally thought. The second part is probably going to be more than one part.
The Marvel Star Wars Comics history is complicated because it was a critical part of my marketing Star Wars to its fans. I knew the fans for comics would be the same fans who would love Star Wars. It's funny looking at the Star Wars opening day photos which I recently posted from Vancouver, London, New York, LA and San Francisco. A lot of the folks in line do not fit the projected demographic of the 13 year old boy we assumed was going to be Star Wars primary audience. Well, 13 and under. The Marvel Star Wars Comics was also aimed at the median age of 13 plus or minus a few years.
I have said repeatedly that after leaving Lucasfilm, I didn't stay on top of what was happening in the Star Wars Universe. Plus, after the film opened, you can image how crazy the office got. So sitting down and now really analyzing the Marvel Star Wars comics... well, there's more I have to say.

In the meantime, as I write up my article, you'll have to just enjoy posts from my archive of photos... which is so, so easy to upload.

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