Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kenner copyrights

I'm going through my drive looking for documents for the article I'm writing on Marvel's STAR WARS Comics and found this bid of esoterica. It's a KENNER internal document informing Kenner staff of the proper way STAR WARS items must be copyrighted.

In this memo, Jim Kipling says he and Craig Stokely had different views of how the copyright identifications should be worded, so the wording was clarified by 20th Century Fox. So you see, contrary to Chris Taylor's claim of the Kenner deal being a handshake and $50, details of things like copyright were written into the deal. Kenner couldn't just go off and do what they wanted. Each step of the way, Kenner had to abide by their part of the deal. To get to that point, it was not, as Chris Taylor claims in How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, $50 and a handshake. It was lengthy negotiations and a contract detailing out the finer points, such as copyrights.

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